Google Earth is a New Home for YouTube Videos

eiffel+tower.bmp.jpgTaking a trip to Paris? Why not check out some YouTube video from the top of the Eiffel Tower? Or better yet, a video review of the restaurants there? That seems to be the opportunity that Google is looking to provide users of its Google Earth mapping system.

The search giant is now providing YouTube videos connected to specific locations within Google Earth by allowing the geotagging of videos. And although Google is touting the availability of videos linked to locations on the Earth map as yet another means of sharing interesting information, it didn’t take the smart people over at analyst firm the Kelsey Group long to figure out that it also provides some new advertising opportunities as well. It’s not hard to see how those in the travel industry or in local business might utilize geotargeted video advertisements, linked through Google Earth, to bring in business.

Considering that Google has just recently been experimenting with its video content distribution network and how to link YouTube videos and Google resources together, that the idea has obviously occurred to the folks at Google as well. Considering the linking of video to adSense, will additional links to Google Earth be far behind?

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