Google Muscles Into HopStop’s Corner

In New York City Mapquest directions mean nothing, and Google Maps are great for locating what block an address is on, but not so good for directions. I practically live and die by HopStop, and love the mobile version when I’m on the go. It gives directions for New Yorkers, and those in Chicago, San Francisco, Washington, D.C. Google this week released a map to plan trips using public transit in and around New York City. It looks like there are some rough edges to be worked out, but Google Maps might just give HopStop some stiff competition for commuting around town, and in the tri-state area since both layer metro New York commuter trains into the mix. I gave Google a few sample routes a try, and will continue to do so, but there are still a few loose ends I want filled in. It was a little unclear how to get from point A to point B on one route. What I did like was the easy way to toggle between alternate routes with Google. Sometimes HopStop likes to hide the alternate route button, or still offers up the same train line with a different number (or letter) train.

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