Google Seeking a Flock of Boob Tube Sales Staffers

When I read that Google is seeking a head of national TV sales, per AdAge, I swung by the company’s job board to read the description. There I stumbled on a half dozen or so TV and audio sales jobs, including a post for an agency sales manager for TV, a bunch of TV account manager and account executive slots, and the all-important national TV sales gig. The latter is looking for someone with “12+ years TV advertising and interactive experience” who can build “a world-class national TV advertising sales team and lead the effort to both sell television solutions and shape a next generation advertising platform.”

The challenge Google faces in television is the same it faces in premium online display advertising: the network and cable operators are loath to surrender their direct sales relationships with advertisers and agencies. Give those up and you’re handing Big G the farm. Here’s hoping all these TV sales folks the company is hiring have inventory to peddle.

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