Google Site Targeting Becomes More Targeted

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Google notified us this week that its made some enhancements to site targeting on its content network. It’s now called placement targeting, because you can now specify page-specific or content-specific, in addition to targeting by demographics which has already been available.

Not only is there more focus on placement targeting, but it’s now available in cost-per-click (CPC) bidding format. Previously, site targeting was previously only offered through cost-per-impression (CPM) bidding. Google says advertisers can now choose the bidding option that best matches their needs. “If the purpose of your placement-targeted campaign is to increase sales, leads, sign-ups, or other conversion-oriented metrics, you can select CPC bidding and pay when users click on your ads.” Alternately, “If you want to maximize impressions and increase brand awareness among your target audience, you can select CPC. And you can specify either the maximum price or the average price you want to pay for each click or 1,000 impressions.

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