Google Takes Out Personal Ad for Yahoo Deal Advocates

“Desperately seeking marketers to support the Yahoo search ad tie-up.”

Well, not exactly. But TechCrunch reports the company’s attorneys have directly contacted at least one large AdWords advertiser. The lawyer told this person, the proprietor of, that the company was “looking for large advertisers who use both Google and Yahoo (we do) who would be willing to provide public testimonials in support of outsourcing Yahoo’s search ads to Google.”

Here’s the full text of Google’s voice mail:

“Hi Darren my name is Donald Burke. I’m calling on behalf of Google to talk with Adwords advertisers about the new proposed Google/Yahoo Advertising Agreement. If you have a couple of minutes to talk with me, my number is…Thanks very much. Take care.”

And Darren’s response: “I told him I’m a free-market competition kind of guy so he tried to address my concerns for about 15 minutes and then called it quits.”

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