Google Tests ‘Advertise’ Link, Landing Page

Google is testing a link and landing page combination that lets advertisers click to buy ads on individual AdSense publishers’ sites.

The “Advertise on this site” link, which appears above the AdWords ads on “select” publisher sites, takes potential advertisers to a Google-hosted landing page customized for the publisher. The page gives a description of that particular site and explains how to buy an AdWords site-targeted ad that appears on its pages. Links from the page lead to Google’s AdWords sign-up pages and its FAQ. Site-targeted ads are offered on a CPM basis only.

“Google is always testing new and different ways to enhance the advertising experience for users, advertisers, and publishers,” said Google spokesperson Michael Mayzel. Mayzel declined to elaborate.

The company’s site explains the initiative thusly: “The ‘Advertise on this site’ link is a shortcut that makes it easy for advertisers to run ads on a specific Google partner site. Working in partnership with the Web site, Google helps the advertiser create an ad and begin running it on that site — often on the same day.”

The new feature comes amidst an environment of increased competition for publisher distribution. Yahoo is preparing to launch a network for smaller publishers, which would compete directly with AdSense, and MSN will soon be rolling out adCenter globally, which will also need distribution. Presumably offering publishers their own landing pages would further cement their relationship with Google. Additionally, it would allow publishers and advertisers to forge a closer relationship with one another.

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