Google TV Ads: General Release Confirmed for Next Few Weeks

Don’t look now Ma, but your favorite soap’s about to run its first ad for

Google has confirmed it will soon offer its TV Ads program, in trial mode since it launched a year ago, to all U.S. advertisers. In the next few weeks, AdWords customers large and small will be offered a shot at the broadcast glitz, complete with production referrals for those lacking TV-ready video assets.

The move indicates the company has resolved the volume issues that hobbled the program during its first months. As of late August 2007, just 50 clients had tested the system and the minimum spend was a modest (for TV) $10,000 a month, according to a source.

“Over the past months, our partnerships with DISH network and Astound Cable have scaled and we are pleased to expand our Google TV Ads program to more U.S. advertisers,” the company said in a statement.

A story yesterday in Multichannel News had some additional details sourced to Keval Desai, Google product lead for the TV initiative. Desai told the pub advertisers including Lenovo and had placed ads through the system. “We serve millions of impressions daily,” he reportedly added.

Desai was unavailable to comment today. Google would only add that it believes the wider advertiser launch “will ultimately lead to better, more relevant ads on television.”

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