Google Upgrades Website Optimizer

Google rolled out new features today for Website Optimizer, a tool that helps digital marketers and others test and improve the performance of Web pages.

Tom Leung, business product manager for Google Website Optimizer, described the changes today at the Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose, CA.

Google Website Optimizer image.jpg

Using Website Optimizer, businesses or individuals can set up different versions of a Web page and test the performance of each.

Using one of the new features, someone will be able to click a “disable” button to kill any low-performing variations of a Web page. And the remaining traffic would be sent to the high-performing ones. Previously, the process for stopping and starting a new test was a lot more complicate.

Another change: the tool will support offline validation of A/B tests. “If your test pages aren’t accessible to Website Optimizer, you can instead directly upload a copy of your tagged source code and we’ll make sure that everything is tagged correctly,” , wrote Jon Stona from the Google Website Optimizer Team on a Google blog.

If you want to learn more about Web site optimization, check out the Post-Click Optimization panel at SES San Jose on Thursday. Tom will be among the four digital marketing experts on the panel.

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