Google, ValueClick Score Big on Wall Street

Tech vendors in the digital advertising and marketing business got a nice bump in stock prices today — a sign that the sector holds promise among investors.

While the tech-heavy Nasdaq climbed 11.8 percent, Google ended the trading day at $381, up 14.7 percent. Still, Google is nowhere near its 52-week high of $747.

Meanwhile, Yahoo’s stock price climbed 9.8 percent to $13.49.

ValueClick, which has not been a Wall Street darling lately, also did better than the Nasdaq, closing the day at $8.41, an increase of 19.3 percent.

The optimism didn’t carry over to all companies. Lyris, which provides tools for e-mail marketing campaigns, analytics, and PPC bid management, saw its share price drop to 39 cents, a decline of 11.4 percent.

Will Wall Street’s enthusiasm for the digital marketing and advertising sector bode well for these businesses? Take a chapter from history — and don’t count your tulip bulbs until they flower.

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