Google Zeitgeist: Who is God? Who is Satan?


What’s on the minds — and fingertips — of Google searchers in 2007? In its year-end Zeitgeist, Google identifies trends that show search queries range from the simple to complex, from commercial to spiritual.

Fastest rising search term in the U.S. in 2007: iPhone, followed by Webkinz, TMZ, Transformers, and YouTube. (Keep in mind: type in any of these terms in a Web browser, and one can bypass Google to reach these brands.)

American Idol was the most popular global search query on Google News; last year it was Paris Hilton.

Information seekers sought out “Who is God” (No. 1) more often than “Who is Satan” (No. 10).

“What is love” led searches for “what is,” followed by “what is autism” and “what is RSS.”

Which leaves one to ponder: what is up with that?

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