Google’s 46 (and Counting) Twitter Accounts

It’s not uncommon for companies with lots of products to maintain multiple official Twitter accounts. Yahoo has a bunch, including for Buzz, Mail, and delicious. So does Microsoft, not surprisingly given the size of its empire. But Google may take the cake for the largest number of accounts. In a post to its official blog, the company lists all of them — a whopping 46. They include consumer-facing accounts, such as user tips for Google Calendar and headlines via Google News; product-centric ones; accounts by region; and accounts featuring open jobs and descriptions of Google’s culture.

Of course advertiser-centric accounts make up a large chunk of the total. Here are the 13 (at last count) maintained for customers of Google’s various ad products: – for online publishers – looking out for AdWords questions and tech issues – Google Guide for AdWords Help Forum – insights for website effectiveness – re building display ads – for retail advertisers – for U.K. tech advertisers – for German AdWords customers – for German ad agencies – info for Portuguese-language publishers – AdWords news & tips in Russian – Spanish updates from the Inside AdWords blog – AdWords API tips

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