GOP Turns Rosen Flap Into Mom-Centric Twitter, Google Ads

UPDATE: The Republican Party and Mitt Romney’s camp appear to be milking the so-called “War on Moms” for all it’s worth. The Republican National Committee’s Moms Do Work fundraising effort – which offers supporters a mug in exchange for a $15 donation – is raking in the bucks, an RNC spokesperson told ClickZ yesterday.

“RNC’s digital department said the ‘Moms Do Work’ campaign is performing really well. We’ve sold thousands of mugs in the past 24 hours and it’s been our best merchandise day of the year,” the spokesperson noted in an email sent Friday evening. In addition to search ads mentioned in the original story below, the RNC said it is running display advertising on to drive people to the Moms Do Work donation page.

rnc-momsdowork4Meanwhile, the Romney camp has joined its party counterparts in the hopes of harnessing reactions to Rosen’s comment to generate more support among women, a group the likely GOP nominee has struggled to connect with. A Google search for Hilary Rosen results in ads promoting Romney’s wife, Ann, that suggest, “Stand with Mitt’s better half. Donate to the campaign today.” The ad links to a page declaring, “Moms drive the economy,” which offers a bumper sticker with the same message for a $6 donation. The campaign also sent out an email titled “War on Moms” that promotes the bumper sticker fundraiser.

These efforts are not only aimed at garnering cash; they help the campaigns collect fresh email and physical addresses – crucial information for future fundraising efforts and getting out the vote in November.

Original Story

The Republicans have turned controversial comments made by Democratic operative Hilary Rosen into a means of drumming up donations and signups through Twitter and Google ads.

Search for Hilary Rosen on Twitter, and a Promoted Tweet from the National Republican Congressional Committee turns up.

“I stand with Moms, do you? RT and sign this petition to support hard-working American women! #IStandWithMoms,” notes the tweet.


The ad links to a petition-style signup page at, which declares, “Raising a family is something to be celebrated, not mocked. Tell Democrats that raising a family is the most important work we’ll ever do and you support hard working American women.”

The ads were sparked by the uproar over comments made yesterday by Rosen, who claimed Ann Romney, wife of likely GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, never worked. Ann Romney raised five children. Republicans seized on the statement, in the hopes of convincing women that Democrats and President Barack Obama are waging a war on stay at home moms.

The Republican National Committee is glomming on, too. Google searches for Rosen’s name along with Ann Romney result in ads linking to a donation page on “Show You Dont Agree w/Hilary Rosen Donate to the GOP & Support Women!”

The campaigns will probably be as short-lived as the Rosen issue lasts in the news cycle. However, now that Rosen has made a public apology to Romney, expect it to survive a little longer.

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