Gossman Steps Down as Revenue Science CEO

After more than five years as CEO, Bill Gossman is handing over the reins at Revenue Science in order to spend time with his family and plot a possible move to the financial sector.

“After working continuously for 25 years, the last five and a half as CEO of Revenue Science, I’ve decided to move out of day-to-day leadership of the company,” Gossman wrote in an e-mail to friends and colleagues. “The best time for me to initiate a move like this is when things are going well — and they are going very well indeed.”

Gossman will remain on the board of the Seattle-based behavioral targeting technology company.

Succeeding Gossman is president Jeff Hirsch, who becomes president and CEO. Hirsch started at Revenue Science as chief operating officer in 2006, and was promoted to president in May of this year. He had previously held executive positions with ValueClick and Fastclick.

Hirsch said the challenges facing him are different than those that faced Gossman when he took over five years ago, when Revenue Science was still a data analysis company known as Digimine.

“For many years our job at Revenue Science was to go out and evangelize about behavioral targeting,” he said. “I think the big change now is that the market gets it and is demanding it, so now my job is to go out and make sure people know we’re the best at it. The shift is from why to how.”

Gossman said he will spend the next few quarters on sabbatical before making his next move. “I plan to continue to help change the world via digital media, most likely from a seat in the financial world,” he wrote.

Last month, Revenue Science introduced audience segments based on seasonal activity that are intended to give advertisers an easier way to reach summer travelers, outdoor enthusiasts and shoppers.

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