Greg Stuart Back with Flycast Guys

greg_stuart.jpgNow that his successor’s identity has been revealed, current IAB President and CEO Greg Stuart is joining the boards of ad network and service provider Adify and pricing and profitability management software outfit Rapt.

Stuart served as VP business development at Flycast Communications (an ad network that is no longer) with its co-founders Larry Braitman and Richard Thompson, who formed Adify last year.

I got hold of Stuart just as he was de-boarding a plane and he was kind enough to chat for a few minutes about what he’ll be doing for Adify. “It’s generally about bringing insights…helping to make connections and leveraging relationships and networks,” he said.

Stuart also serves on the board at video network Veoh, where ex-Disney honcho Michael Eisner sits on the board of directors.

As for his next full time gig, Stuart told me, “My goal is to go run an interactrive media business…anything I can take my cumulated information and knowledge with the IAB and put it to good use.”

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