Guitar Center Breathes New Life Into Dull ‘Wish List’ Genre


Guitar Center is spicing up the worn-out genre of wish lists with an interactive tool that lets people say “gimme” with a bit of style and attitude.

Visitors to the music retailer’s Web site can use the Wish List poster generator to create online rock posters in one of a number of styles, including indie, 60s, garage, new wave, rockabilly, punk, and metal. The application lets musicians drag guitars, amps, cables and other products into the template of their choosing; upload their own image; and disseminate the final product on Facebook, Twitter and other sites.

Poster creators are also sent a coupon for 10 percent off a single item. Which is a good thing, because hey, at least you’ll get a few bucks off your next box of picks when your dad fails to spring for that $999 Bass Pro Power Amp.

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