Habeas Will Check Your Rep

E-mail accreditation and reputation service provider Habeas unveiled plans this week for a service that lets email senders check the status of their email reputation.

RepCheck provides high-volume senders a comprehensive analysis of how their outbound email will be viewed in the eyes of ISPs and other email receivers. The goal is to ensure a sender isn’t mislabeled as a spammer, and thus having their legitimate messages blocked before reaching their goal.

“E-mail authentication standards are clearly gathering momentum with receivers and legitimate senders are eager to adopt authentication. However, we’re seeing many cases of incorrect configuration of SPF records, which may result in that message being relegated to a consumer’s spam folder,” said Des Cahill, CEO of Habeas.

Habeas RepCheck looks at three areas that tend to factor in to a receiver’s anti-spam strategy: authentication, infrastructure irregularities, and blacklists.

The authentication check verifies the sender has a correctly-configured SPF record in place, used by the Sender ID protocol. It will also check to see if Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) is correctly implemented, if it’s in place. The email infrastructure check scans for irregularities that could impact delivery, including open relays and reverse-DNS problems. These misconfigured servers could appear to receivers as potential spam sources.

Finally, Habeas checks the sender’s status at over 50 of the most-utilized blacklists. Presence on a blacklist can trigger non-delivery or relegate messages to a bulk mail folder.

“We’re making Habeas RepCheck widely available to senders now so they can validate the configuration of their authentication records, gain a better understanding of their email reputation, and quickly take action to resolve any problems before they become significant non-delivery issues,” Cahill said.

Habeas RepCheck will be available by the end of July as part of a free online trial of Habeas service for qualifying senders.

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