“Hackonomy”: Dare to Challenge Your Brand’s Marketing Mindset at ClickZ Live San Francisco

When people hack – the good kind of serendipitous hacking, where it’s not just developers who break things to create something new and worthwhile – they disrupt existing concepts and ways of doing things to forge new ways.

Some would argue there’s a whole culture emerging based on this type of hacking; Bonin Bough, vice president of global media and consumer engagement at Mondelēz International, refers to this new culture as “hackonomy,” a hacking economy.

Bough will be the day one keynote speaker at ClickZ Live San Francisco, taking place August 11 to 14. And Bough knows how to break the marketing mold that exists today.

Bonin Bough ClickZ Live San Francisco Keynote

In his role at the multinational confectionery, food, and beverage conglomerate, Mondelēz International, Bough is responsible for all forms of media across digital, TV, print, and outdoors.

He has been the driving force behind a program that partners the company’s brands with leading mobile startups. And, he has also played an integral role within the teams behind Oreo’s real-time activations.

Bough says that by embracing hackonomy, “it allowed Mondelēz International to pioneer the first-of-its-kind ‘Trending Vending machine,’ which 3-D prints Oreo cookies based on what is trending on Twitter.”

Additionally, Oreo launched other marketing initiatives like Snack Hacks and the Daily Twist. Bough was also responsible for helping to lead the thinking behind the famed Oreo Super Bowl tweet, which a Mondelēz representative says was only possible through the organization “developing ‘muscle memory’ on how to create real-time content during the 100 days of Daily Twist.”

In his ClickZ Live keynote, “Hackonomy: Creating Value by Breaking the Marketing Mold,” Bough will discuss how marketing, media, advertising, and organizational cultures are all changing due to the concept of hackonomy.

From technological advances to aviation and space exploration and even how people date one another, hacking is changing – and challenging – the way we live. And, hacking is impacting the way brands market, too.

Bough will share examples of how brands are breaking the mold with their marketing strategies to engage consumers in new and exciting ways that yield a positive return on investment (ROI) for brands.

“As a digital marketer, you come to ClickZ Live for insight into new and exciting strategies that will be the driving forces powering the industry,” Bough says. “That being said, what better place to talk about hackonomy than ClickZ Live? Hackonomy is all about breaking the mold, which is a message that I think will be both well received and put to good use by this group of digital marketers.”

Those brands that dare to disrupt the norm will come out on top in this new era of digital marketing. Come find out how your brand can join the hacking economy at Bough’s ClickZ Live San Francisco keynote.

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