Haiti Relief Drive: From Coca-Cola to Clooney

According to reports, Red Cross’ text-messaging campaign for Haiti has now well-surpassed $8 million in donations.

But nonprofits like Red Cross and World Vision certainly aren’t the only folks out there putting in time or money (or both) for the earthquake victims. Coke, American Airlines, UPS, eBay, and countless average citizens on Facebook, among other entities, deserve to be commended for their significant donations.

It’s worth noting that many celebrities have stepped up to the plate. Alyssa Milano has been Tweeting consistently to help the Red Cross drive and George Clooney is setting up a telethon, while Hollywood power couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have collectively donated $1 million.

In terms of donations, the big question so far today seems to be: Will scandal-ridden Tiger Woods contribute $3 million for medical aid in Haiti? Rest assured if he does, there will be some cynical comments — anonymously online and in private — about how the golfer may be utilizing the natural disaster to repair his recently beleaguered brand.

And that will be too bad. As numerous photos show, the focus right now should truly be on how to repair Haiti.


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