Half of E-mail Marketing Pros Earn Over $70K Per Year

More than half of e-mail marketing professionals earn over $70,000 annually, according to data gathered last year by EmailStatCenter.com. The research firm found that e-mail marketing staff can earn as little as below $35,000 and as high as around $200,000. And it appears that in-house e-mail marketers managing large budgets and dedicated teams earn more than their agency counterparts.

According to a survey conducted by EmailStatCenter.com between July and September 2009, 25 percent of e-mail marketing execs make $50,000 to $69,999 annually. The remaining salary range is more dispersed. Around 25 percent earn between $70,000 and $99,999, and 23 percent make between $100,000 and $199,999.

The company found that the larger the dedicated e-mail staff a client-side e-mail professional works with, the more he earns on average. Budget size also has an effect on compensation. Staffers working with budgets under $100,000 who manage one or two e-mail marketers earn a median income of $50,000 to $69,999. Meanwhile, those working with budgets over $100,000 earn a median annual salary of $70,000 to $84,999.

Among client-side marketers surveyed, 37 percent work in small teams of just one or two people dedicated to e-mail, and 34 percent have between three and five on staff.

Agency employees are at the lower end of the salary totem pole, said EmailStatCenter. Those focused exclusively on e-mail marketing make between $50,000 and $69,999, and stand to earn more as they beef up their Web design, search, and social media consulting skills.

As for budgets, just 15 percent have between $100,001 and $249,999 to work with, and 40 percent have access to $100,000 or less. Fourteen percent have more plentiful budgets of over $1 million.

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