Harry & David’s E-Binge

harryanddavid.jpgRetailers sent out 45 percent more e-mail messages during the six-week holiday season compared to the preceding 12-week period, writes Chad White, the Email Experience Council’s editor-at-large. That increase was 3 percentage points higher than 2006.

On average, retailers delivered 2.8 messages a week during the holiday season, from November 10 to December 21.

Harry & David, purveyor of gourmet gift baskets, wins the distinction of having the biggest increase in message frequency out of the 109 retailers examined.

Before the holiday season, Harry & David sent out slightly under one e-mail a week, the council reports. Then, like a sugar high kicking in, the retailer jacked up the frequency eightfold during the holiday season.

Makes one wonder: How many calories per e-mail is that?

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