Hasbro Tries Interactive Video

Toy manufacturer Hasbro will launch an online display campaign tomorrow for its Playskool brand that uses interactive video — still a rarity in digital marketing.

The main execution consists of an expanding PointRoll banner unit. Once the ad unfurls, users see a repurposed Playskool TV spot with graphic elements they can roll over to pause the video and get more information about individual toys. The practice is sometimes called hotspotting.

Beyond Interactive handled creative and media duties for the campaign, with support from The Buddy Group. The media buy is focused on kids and women’s lifestyle sites, including placements on Babycenter, Oprah, iVillage and Nick Jr.

Pete Deutschmann, co-founder of The Buddy Group, said more clients have begun adding interactivity to their online video ads, though the vast majority do not. He said agencies are gradually coming around to the possibilities of hotspotting in video.

“The challenge we always have is getting agencies to be thinking about online creative early enough in the process,” he said. “Even as early as, ‘Hey, we are going to shoot a commercial.’ When that thinking takes place, that is when interactive video will be truly… effective.”

The ad features a talking Mr. Potato Head describing an in-store promotion. Toys featured in the unit include Shoot ‘N Score Basketball, Charlie Coal the Grill, Wheel Pals Triple Track Tower and a Weebles Goldilocks Adventure Cottage.

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