Heavy.com’s CGM Promo (Somebody’s Going to Get Hurt)

sum41.jpgLaddie site Heavy.com has just put out a call for users to submit videos of pranks pulled on friends.

It’s all part on an ongoing promotion for Sum 41. The band is shooting Webisodes exclusive to Heavy.com in a series called “Road to Ruin.” The winning submission will earn its creator a role in one of the Webisodes as the band’s roadie for a day in Las Vegas.

“We think this a perfect opportunity to get fans involved in Heavy’s unique brand of engagement, and really spotlights the advantage for Sum 41 of partnering with Heavy, a site with original programming and a strong editorial voice–as opposed to just throwing their videos into a vast pool of undifferentiated content,” said Heavy’s VP Programming Jason Marks in a statement.

Not a bad promo, but when America’s Funniest Home Videos collides with the Jackass demo, you’ve got to wince. No doubt Heavy has the liability issue sorted out.

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