Heavy on the Hellmann’s, Skimpy on the Video Production

hellmanns.jpgDig potato salad? Well, Yahoo Food has a tantalizing recipe in video form including tarragon, dill, lemon juice…and…raw potatoes. I swear! Evidently whoever edited down the film shot for a series of Yahoo Food videos sponsored by Hellmann’s mayonnaise cut out the bit about boiling the taters!

Is this truly the best Hellmann’s can…er…bring out?

Well, thankfully, they were sure to leave the close-ups of the mayo jar in place. “The start of my potato salad sauce is Hellmann’s mayonnaise, the best mayonnaise out there,” proclaims host Dave Lieberman (yeah, that guy from the Food Network).

According to a Wall Street Journal story about the 12-week “In Search of Real Food” Web series, “The show is part of a multimillion-dollar advertising and marketing effort the company kicked off in April promoting the freshness of ingredients in Hellmann’s.”

Lieberman “will travel the country seeking out interesting recipes, and once each episode he will cook up a recipe — which in some cases will call for Hellmann’s.” Well, so far there are four clips up, and they’re all shot in Brooklyn and Manhattan — which, coincidentally, is where the Food Network studios are.

The story goes on to note the mayo maker Unilever has agreed to spend between $1 million and $2 million in ads on Yahoo to promote the show, and will be pushing it on jar caps ‘n’ such. Hmmm…might wanna make sure the show is of as high quality as the mayo, eh?


Well, even if Hellmann’s improves the quality of its Yahoo clips, they could never touch the mini-films produced for Vaunnies Mustardayonnaise, Stensons Mayostard, or Mundees Mustmayostarayonnaise.

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