Hello? Is Anybody There?

If you can’t hear your teenager’s phone ringing when they answer it, don’t worry, you’re not supposed to.

Sony Pictures is promoting its upcoming teenage scream flick through a medium most teenagers will probably find irresistible. It’s selling ultrasonic ring tones that only teenagers, and children, can hear. As adults get older and our hearing worsens the frequency of the tones become harder to distinguish.

The promotion is selling the ring tones for $2.49, and providing free previews (how old are you really?), at a microsite promoting the film “The Messengers.” The ghost story seems a natural fit for “hidden” ring tones as the film centers around a teenage girl that can “hear” voices from beyond while the adults around her cannot.

Along with the ring tones, the film’s teenage star Jess, played by Kristen Stewart, will have her own chat site, instant messages and other social networking tid-bits through the microsite, according to the company. The film is slated for release on February 27th.

I tried it out, and despite my being well out of my teenage years I could still hear at least one of the ring tones if I listened really hard. I feel younger already!

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