Hinting at Avatar Hint Soda Drinking?

MeezHint.gifWe cover a lot of the “hip” and “happening” things that the “in-crowd” likes to mess around with, especially since so many people want to advertise to those “hip, happening, in-crowd” folks, but every once in awhile something comes up that makes me question if I’ve just gotten too old to even “get” it anymore.

Case in point, Meez.com and their deal with Hint beverage company. I wrote about Meev.com and its faux Super Bowl ads the other day, and Hint has apparently set up shop here in San Francisco, so it seems like I should have a better understanding of things, but I’m scratching my head over this nonetheless.

Since Meez has tools to make digital avatars that people can use on Web sites, social networks, on mobile phones etc., they decided to create custom virtual items with the Hint name on them, like the image to the left of a girl drinking a tasty Hint beverage, that can be added to their customers’ avatars.

It seems all well and good for two companies to try and cross brand off each other, but I’m still wondering why anybody would want to have their avatar drinking a Hint? But then as I said at the start, maybe I’m too old to get the hint?

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