Hispanic Online Users Adopt Broadband

The U.S. Hispanic population is adopting broadband at home. According to the third annual AOL/Roper U.S. Hispanic Cyberstudy commissioned by America Online and conducted by Roper Public Affairs, half of online Hispanics use high-speed connections at home.

Over the past six months, 14 percent of Hispanic online consumers connected their home to the Internet, compared to seven percent of the general online population. The average time spent surfing at home is higher among Hispanics, averaging 9.2 online hours per week, compared with an average 8.5 hours by the general population. There are more children under 18 in Hispanic households. Forty-seven percent of online Hispanics have children, versus 37 percent of the general online population.

Hispanic parents view the Internet as a means of advancement for their children. “They see it as an empowerment tool,” said Mark Lopez, publisher of AOL Latino. “For their children to find better information and to get better educated.”

Many Hispanics view the Internet as an opportunity to research and buy products and services. Sixty-three percent use the Web to research brands, 70 percent say it’s as the best source for price comparison.

Many in the online Hispanic community use the Internet to find relevant information. Sixty-four percent of online Hispanics look online for local entertainment information. Health-related issues are an easy look-up for 61 percent of the group, and as many as 71 percent of online Hispanics find driving directions and maps online.

Hispanic Internet Usage, January to February, 2005
Internet Activities Hispanic
Population (%)
Population (%)
Listen to music 55 41
Download music files 37 25
Watch video clips 38 33
Instant message 59 48
Visit chat rooms 70 60
Look up local entertainment 64 54
Look up health information 61 55
Look up financial information 54 56
Product research 63 52
Age of Internet Users
18 to 34 56 34
Families with
children under 18
47 37
Source: AOL/Roper Public Affairs, 2005

The only category where the Hispanic community trails he general population is in financial activities. The differential is slight, 54 percent of Hispanics look up information about financial questions and needs; the general population brings the average up slightly to 56 percent.

“There is a tremendous opportunity for marketers to reach out to the audience overall, and the 18 to 34 segment.” said Lopez. “It creates an opportunity not just on the narrowband, but also the broadband level.”

A caveat expressed by those surveyed is the language barrier and lack of Spanish language content. Spanish language content is important to sixty-seven percent of Hispanic Web users. Though most rate themselves bilingual in speaking and reading both Spanish and English, the report says they pay more attention to ads in Spanish.

The AOL/Roper Public Affairs Hispanic Cyberstudy 2005 conducted a telephone survey with a random sample of 603 Hispanic home Internet/online subscribers. The survey took place between January 10 and February 14 of this year.

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