Homethinking Thoughts

Niki Scevak (a former colleague from when ClickZ was part of the same corporate family as JupiterResearch) has launched the mysterious project he’s been working on for months. Not surprisingly, it involves local search — specifically, search for real estate agents.

Called Homethinking, the site is meant as a resource for folks looking for an agent to help them sell their homes. In this still-very-warm real estate market, it’s an important decision. Homethinking provides people with user reviews — and objective data the company gets from home sale databases — to help them make a determination.

Niki tells me the service will be supported by sponsored links, which will allow realtors and brokerages to get themselves noticed. Pay-per-call will be one pricing model.

Right now you can search by ZIP code or city name — mostly in California — but more variations are planned. Additionally, the focus is currently on selling homes, but the buy side will eventually be represented, as well.

More in a release here and Niki’s blog post about it.

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