Hot Scots

cashmere.gifScotland has finally figured out that its greatest attraction isn’t haggis, or even whisky. It’s its sexy kilted male population. That’s why the Scottish National Tourist Board launched a Web site and contest called Date A Hot Scot. Ladies (and men, I guess) can toggle through pics, bios and even video clips of 20 young kilt-wearing bachelors.

Site copy reads: “In Scotland, you’ll find a surprising number of young, single men. In fact, almost half a million of them!”

By voting for their favorite featured hottie, site visitors have a chance to win a trip to Scotland for themselves and “a girlfriend.” The site even features a kilt-wearing Cupid and a plaid (aka tartan) background.

via AdRants

(Full disclosure: I am married to a hot Scot so may be slightly biased in my enthusiasm for kilts.)

UPDATE: I came across another element of this campaign (see animated .GIF) on the site this morning. It’s a bit more gender neutral in its appeal.

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