Hotmail Signs 100,000 New Users in One Day

Ad-backed email firm Hotmail, claiming to be the world’s largest e- mail service, said that 100,000 people signed up for a Hotmail account in one day.

“Hotmail membership has been on an impressive growth curve for sometime,” said Sean Fee, director of product marketing at Sunnyvale, CA-based Hotmail. “The magnitude of the 100k mark becomes clear if you visualize it in real world terms. Imagine if everyone who attended the Rose Bowl signed up for an email account on game day.”

Hotmail, a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft, claims more than 15 million active email accounts with an average up time of 99.85%.

Hotmail is a password-protected, email system that offers mail delivery, MIME and UUEncoded file attachments; personal address books; spell checking; filtering and embedded hyper-links. Because Hotmail is Web-based, users can send, view and navigate entire Web pages within a Hotmail message

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