Hulu Adds Comedy Royalty to Catalog

Hulu already has deals with 70 media partners that provide upwards of 700 TV and film titles. So what’s it stand to gain by adding a couple new shows to its media menu? Quite a bit actually, if those shows happen to be The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report. The premium video portal has begun posting entire episodes of both programs, with archives going back about a month.

Here’s a screen grab of how yesterday’s episode of The Daily Show looks on Hulu, sponsored by DirectTV.

john stewart hulu.jpg

And here’s how it looks on The Daily Show’s own Web site, sponsored by Master Card:

john stewart daily show site.jpg

In addition to the Comedy Central relationship, Hulu will begin offering PBS programs NOVA, Carrier, Scientific American Frontiers, and Wired Science.

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