Hulu’s Hurrah

Hulu.jpgSince launching six months ago, Hulu CEO Jason Kilar said the online video site has picked up 90 advertisers.

The site, a joint venture between NBC Universal and Fox Corp., has also partnered with 90 content providers.

“Content partners are seeing a dramatic lift to overall online business. Fox has seen overall online business more than triple since March 12,” Kilar said while speaking at the OMMA conference today in New York City.

Other success metrics he shared with the audience: Hulu has eight million monthly users and 119 monthly video streams since its launch. Hulu videos have been embedded 500,000 times on over 27 sites, he said.

What’s contributing to Hulu’s success? Kilar attributes it to an obsession for quality.

“We obsess over every pixel in this service,” he said. For instance, the Hulu team had a healthy debate over the size of the site’s logo because no one wanted it to detract, for instance, from the logo for Battlestar Galactica, a television program available on the site.

Kilar said his obsession for quality grew from a love of the Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL, where he visited as a child. “I’ve had a lifelong fascination with what made this guy [Walt Disney] tick,” he confessed. And after a college, he landed a job at Disney where he learned that street sweepers held an exalted position at the theme park.

“If Hulu can create and foster a culture that’s as obsessive as Disney was with its theme park in 60s, that’s what we would be thrilled to do,” Kilar said.

Sounds like Kilar could be cast as Bert, the chimney sweep.

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