Hyundai Tops YouTube’s April Leaderboard

Earlier today, YouTube released its April 2015 YouTube Ads Leaderboard, which recognizes the branded videos that received the most views over the last month.

Together, the 10 ads totaled 100.9 million views, consistent with March. However, at 212.3 minutes, April’s list had 27 percent more watch time.

1. Hyundai

Hyundai’s “Message to Space” was the clear winner, garnering more than 56 million views since April 9. The video centered on Stephanie, a Texan girl who doesn’t get to see her father much, on account of him being an astronaut. Creating the world’s largest tire track message, a fleet of Hondas drives through the desert, using their tires to write “Steph < 3’s you” big enough to be seen from space.

2. Pandora

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, jewelry brand Pandora’s “The Unique Connection” focused on the bond between mothers and children. Since April 13, nearly 15 million people have viewed the sweet video, in which blindfolded kids correctly identify which women in a lineup are their moms.

3. Nike

All about women’s internal monologues while working out, Nike Women’s “Better for It – Inner Thoughts” ad comes with the tagline, “Don’t let you stop you.”

4. Dove

Another ad targeting female consumers, Dove’s “Choose Beautiful” follows women from all over the world as they decide whether to walk through a door labeled, “Beautiful” or one marked “Average.”

5. Teleflora

Teleflora, a floral wire service, reminds you to send flowers to your mom this Mother’s Day, like Ryan did. Because he’s a solider, Ryan doesn’t get to see his mom much; after a heartfelt video describing how special she is, Ryan delivers his mom flowers in person as a Mother’s Day surprise.

6. Nike

In another appearance by Nike, the sportswear giant second-most popular YouTube ad last month was all about golf and perseverance.

7. Foot Locker

Foot Locker tapped Manny Pacquiao to star in its “It’s Really Happening” ad two weeks ago, right before Pacquiao’s huge boxing match with Floyd Mayweather, Jr. 

8. Gillette

In this Avengers tie-in, Gillette promoted its razors in partnership with Stark Industries, the fictional enterprise owned by Iron Man.

9. BMW

BMW previewed its upcoming 7 Series vehicle, which boasts touchscreen and gesture command.

10. Purina

Purina’s Friskies makes the leaderboard for the third time with the latest video in its popular BuzzFeed collaboration.

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