I Have Just 12 Questions for You…

In my everlasting quest to keep my creative juices flowing, I love to find a new book, visit a new city, and check out Web sites that I’ve never heard of before. I thought it might be fun to put together a survey so we can all have the benefit of our collective knowledge.

If you’d like to participate, please type the answers in an email and send them to me at stickyideas@hotmail.com. I’ll share the best answers in an upcoming article. Answer as many or as few as you’d like… remember, we’re a creative community! There is a Stu update at the end of the survey.

  1. What book(s) on writing, art, or creativity have been your best resource for inspiration?
  2. What city that have you visited would you consider moving to if the offer were right?
  3. What effect has the economy had on your business?
  4. What is your number-one unfulfilled dream?
  5. What Web site(s) can’t you live without?
  6. Who was the one person most influential in helping you creatively?
  7. What was the worst experience you ever had working in a creative environment? Substitute the name Fred or Freda Smith for the real bastard’s name.
  8. How many people report directly to you?
  9. What is the worst experience you’ve ever had on a job interview?
  10. If you weren’t in your current position, what would you be doing?
  11. What is the one piece of work you are most proud of, and why?
  12. If you could take a course in any one subject that you’ve never studied before, what would it be?

When you send your email, please let me know if it’s OK to use your name when these are reprinted. We don’t want Fred and Freda to see themselves and get mad.

The Stu Update. My father passed away on Sunday, January 13. He died in his sleep, the way he wanted. Although words don’t do my feelings justice, thank you to the 200 of you who sent me your thoughts after the last article about Stu.

I wrote the eulogy for his funeral with the help of the rest of my family. It’s not a sad dirge, but a tribute to a dad I’ll miss a lot. If you’d like to find out why he was so special, take a look at the eulogy at Stickyideas.com. Have a great weekend.

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