IAB Says “No” to Spyware, also Likes Fluffy Kitties

kitten.jpgThe Interactive Advertising Bureau yesterday put out a press release commending Congress for passing the Identity Theft Enforcement and Restitution Act, which provides for enforcement for nabbing and prosecuting cyber criminals and spyware purveyors.

In other news, The Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association has praised the removal of lead from interior paint.

Am I missing something here? Don’t get me wrong, there is a connection between the industry and the scourge of spyware. But it’s not exactly the issue of the moment. Are there not some really important things going on in the online ad industry right now that might warrant some attention?

It seems like every week a new advocacy group, government body or regulator expresses concern about behavioral targeting and ISP-based targeting firms like NebuAd and Phorm.

The IAB has barely made a peep about this stuff. Meanwhile, IAB CEO Randall Rothenberg has appeared before Congressional Members urging them not to regulate the industry. As concerns about ISP-based ad targeting and behavioral targeting mount, the IAB needs to get serious about self-regulation before the government steps in to do it for them. And, as anyone who’s ever heard the types of questions asked during an online ad related congressional hearing knows, our friends in the House and Senate might not be the best suited for that task.

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