icaliber is an Internet marketing and consulting firm specializing in search engine optimization and customer acquisition and retention solutions to help clients manage customer relationships and achieve business objectives online. Each department within the organization is responsible for creating and building distinct areas or elements of an e-business.

icaliber offers search engine marketing (SEM), professional Web site design, and email marketing services.


icaliber currently offers the following SEM services:

  • Inktomi Paid Inclusion guarantees your Web site is being indexed and showing up in search results from leading Web portals, including MSN, Hotbot, Overture, and LookSmart.

  • XML Conversion Services present optimized data feeds of your Web site to the major search inclusion programs (Inktomi, FAST). icaliber can convert most sites to XML in less than 24 hours.
  • Retainer engagements are for clients looking for a complete outsourced solution.

Professional Web Design Services

icaliber provides a full range of professional design services, including:

  • Custom web site development (database and static)

  • DHTML, XML, and JavaScript development
  • CGI/PERL scripting
  • Flash development
  • Streaming video/virtual reality (VR) creation
  • Information architecture schematics

Email Marketing Services

icaliber’s EMS is an email marketing system designed to execute and manage permission-based email campaigns with list management capabilities, message template configuration and personalization, high-volume deliveries, and complete return-on-investment (ROI) tracking and reporting.

EMS allows clients to:

  • Outsource customer newsletter development and email delivery management

  • Enhance customer service and improve customer relationships
  • Retarget existing customers with advanced personalization and tracking features
  • Automatically target multiple formats and versions for distribution in multipart MIME (HTML, text, AOL)
  • Track views, click-stream data, and friendly forwards
  • Complete online ROI reporting
  • Import CSV customer database
  • Set priority of email (high, medium, low)

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