I’m an Exchange, He’s an Exchange, Wouldn’t You Like to be an Exchange Too?

Ad networks are oh so 1.0. Today you’ve got to be an ad exchange to really count. Right Media, AdECN and now DoubleClick set the stage for the current hype around this more transparent model for buying and selling ads across publishers and networks. But how far can it go, and how loosely are we going to define the exchange anyway? Last week saw the appearance of the first e-mail based ad exchange, and today we learn of a mobile exchange called PhoneSpots. Problem is it’s not an exchange at all.

The company is helping directory assistance operators and yellow pages providers to offer text and multimedia messages with listing information, search results and ads. First partner is YellowPages.com. It’s a content and ad network for mobile messaging, in other words. Let’s keep our terms straight.

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