Impact Engine

Impact Engine is a online eMarketing solution company for creating, delivering, and tracking, high-impact multimedia presentations via email.

The entire process is housed online from a password protected account. With Impact Engine, there is no software to download and no concern about viruses.

Impact Engine includes,

  • Impact Engine presentation builder which involves creating an effective marketing message. Presentation builder features are;

    1. Streamlined Interface
    2. Sound
    3. Custom Animation
    4. Upload Graphics
    5. Multiple Template Styles
    6. Email Link
    7. HTTP Link
    8. Customized Text
    9. Fast Download
    10. Web site Enhancement

  • Impact Engine message delivery directly with email. Message delivery features are;

    1. Enhanced AOL Support
    2. HTML Email Functions
    3. Graphic Email
    4. Customize Messages
    5. Security
    6. Signature Files

  • Message Tracking tracks every single email sent out. Message tracking features are;

    1. HTML Link Tracking
    2. Signture File Tracking
    3. Data Archiving
    4. Data Sorting
    5. One 2 One Tracking
    6. Total Views
    7. Response Rates
    8. Real Time

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