In NYC? Let’s Meet After Work Next Tuesday


Because…why shouldn’t we?

The fabulous Dana Todd (of SEMPO and SiteLab fame) and I were chatting about how New Yorkers in this industry never see one another unless they collide at some conference in San Jose, Boston or Chicago.

Action-oriented chicks that we are, we figured we should do something about it.

So we’re experimenting with an informal industry get-together/meetup type thing. No agenda, no sponsors, no speeches, and…you pay for your own drink(s). We’re going to try to make this a regular event for the duration of the summer and we’ll see where (if anywhere) this takes us.

So if you’re feeling social, need a drink, want to make new friends or chat up old ones, join us on Tuesday, July 18 from 6:00-8:00 at Nolita House on Tuesday, July 18.

Nolita House
47 E Houston (between Mulberry & Mott map)

Dana wants to dub these get-togethers “Red Rum Tuesdays.” She thinks it “rolls off the tongue, sounds vaguely mysterious.”

And if you get the hair color reference to us both, it just proves what an industry insider you are!

See you then, we hope.

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