Inbox Interactive

Inbox Interactive is a full-service agency for email marketing campaigns. Offerings include the following:

  • Consultation and strategic advice as to how permission-based email can become an integral part of your overall marketing and communications strategy.
  • Preparation of a specific permission-based email marketing plan that can include lead-generation, customer acquisition, customer retention, and sales.
  • Development of action-inducing copywriting a message to generate a response.
  • Creation of customized full-color HTML or text-based promotions, newsletters, and announcements.
  • Database hosting and maintenance.
  • High-speed deployment of a campaign, along with full-service tracking and analysis, the results of which are continuously used to refine and improve results.

Other Services available:

  • Selection and rental of opt-in email lists.
  • Append solutions that provide permission-based email addresses of existing customers.
  • Add-ons such as catalog compression that allows the subscriber to send the entire contents of a catalog in a searchable email message.

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