Indie Fashion Retailer Tries Out Transactional Ads

Moxsie, an online fashion retailer featuring independent designers, is not known for up-to-the-minute advertising, but it hopes a new campaign will change that – or at least help it reach young, fashion-conscious people who aspire to look like urban hipsters.

The new campaign features an ad format called ShopAds that can facilitate a sales transaction on the site displaying it. The technology was developed by Adgregate Markets and has been around since the end of 2008, but has thus far been used primarily in the media and entertainment industries with advertisers like NBC Universal and Warner Brothers.

MoxsieRacked_Screen_Shoe-final.jpg Moxsie’s ads will appear on fashion sites like and offer limited-time deals to students and young professionals. A few ads rolled out earlier this month on Racked, featuring shoes and a ring.

Moxsie’s CEO, Jon Farhner, joined the company from Zappos around the same time it shifted its strategy from fashion social network to online fashion retailer. He said Moxsie is one of the first companies to test out ShopAds. “It’s a littler deeper than a banner ad from our perspective,” he said.

“It’s not about being a huge destination site anymore,” Farher added. “It’s about trying as best you can to cater to the needs of the individual who happens to be seeing you. he potential that we see in ShopAds is the ability to capture the whole transaction without interrupting normal daily behavior.”

Farhner hopes it will become a new standard in online advertising in addition to helping Moxsie highlight key products and gain additional customers and business.

Wong agrees that ShopAds provide a secure e-commerce experience. But he adds that it’s not just about making the sale. It’s also about getting those customers who aren’t going to make an impromptu purchase to remember the brand.

Adgregate CEO Henry Wong said the company also provides a host of metrics for advertisers, such as dwell time and cart abandonment rates.

Farhner said Moxsie’s ad strategy has thus far included the usual suspects, like online banner placement and SEO.

“We’ve done a lot of traditional advertising and a lot of it just doesn’t work,” he said. “It’s exciting to see new ways of advertising.”

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