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Instagram tests new shopping feature

Instagram is expanding its shopping features, making ecommerce easier on its platform. How will brands benefit from it?

Mobiles have already changed our shopping habits and as we spend more time on our devices, it will keep challenging brands how to take advantage of this increasing number of mobile consumers.

Mobile has helped the growth of Instagram, and it has made clear from the beginning that it has no intention to move its users towards their desktops.

Thus, it was only a matter of time until it realised that its advertisers expect more from the platform and the idea of new shopping features is highly welcome.

Instagram introduces new shopping features


Instagram announced that it’s testing new shopping features with 20 US retail brands, including Abercrombie & FitchKate Spade, JackThreads, and Warby Parker. These brands will have access to:

  • Tap to view: a new detailed view that showcases up to five products with product descriptions, price and all the relevant information for them
  • Shop now: there will be a new link to lead  consumers directly to the brand’s website, making the shopping experience easier

Helping consumers, not just brands

Instagram is known for its focus on the community, and that’s why it presents the new features from the consumers’ perspective, mentioning that these will give the community “valuable steps along their shopping journey before they make a purchase.”

This may turn out into a useful addition for consumers who combine visual appeal with shopping, as it can make the purchase process faster. As with Business Tools, some small additions may turn out beneficial, both for brands and users.jackthreads-2


What’s next?

The additions will initially be available to a sample group of people with iOS devices in US. However, Instagram is planning to expand its shopping features globally in the near future, turning the platform into a more powerful tool for ecommerce brands.

Instagram may sometimes be slow in introducing new features, especially when it comes to marketing and advertising, but it’s been a good year for its growth, which means that it’s the right time to consider the next steps.

Brands have already embraced the platform and the new shopping features, along with the existing business pages, make the social network even more appealing for them. Instagram is not just about aesthetically-pleasing visual content anymore and community building, but also an interesting opportunity for ecommerce and this may bring even more brands to it soon.


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