Digital Trends 2016

What you’ll learn

The nine most important trends that marketers and digital professionals need to know about, covering everything from social media and content marketing to data and analytics.

This guide offers comprehensive analysis by the ClickZ intelligence team, with input from our 40-strong panel of expert contributors. It’s divided up by digital marketing discipline, with a further selection of important themes such as personalisation, marketing automation and artificial intelligence permeating the report.

The report covers:

  • How advertising will evolve in 2016
  • New content marketing strategies
  • How companies are refining their approach to customer experience
  • The role of data and analytics
  • How delivery, personalisation and social commerces will tranform ecommerce in 2016
  • Whether email marketing will continue to quietly outperform
  • Mobile and the future of native apps
  • What to expect next from the evolution of search
  • How 2016’s major trends will shape social media

Who is the report aimed at?

Marketers and digital professionals looking to revise their strategy for the new year.

List of contributors / experts

  • Michael Barber, Head of Product, SaleCycle
  • Jonathan Beeston, Managing Director, Croud UK
  • Andy Betts, Chief Marketer and Consultant
  • Dan Brotzel, Content Director, Sticky Content
  • Bob Cargill, Director of Social Media at Overdrive Interactive
  • Brian Clifton, Google Analytics Author and Data Practitioner
  • Helen Colclough, Ecommerce Development Manager, River Island
  • Edward (Teddie) Cowell, Director of SEO, UK and International, MediaCom
  • Lee Duddell, Founder and Chief Conversion Officer, WhatUsersDo
  • Jon Earnshaw, CTO of Pi Datametrics
  • Dominic Edmunds, Founder and CEO, SaleCycle
  • Andy Favell, Digital and Mobile Consultant
  • Michelle Goodall, Social Media, Digital Transformation and Communications Consultant
  • James Gurd, Owner, Digital Juggler
  • Derek Harding, Managing Director, J-Labs
  • Andrew Hood, Managing Director, Lynchpin
  • Kevin Lee, Executive Chairman, Didit
  • Maggie Malek, Head of Social and PR at MMI Agency
  • Parry Malm, CEO, Phrasee
  • Gerald Murphy, Senior SEO Account Manager, 7thingsmedia and Guest Lecturer
  • Kelvin Newman, Founder and Managing Director of Rough Agenda
  • Chris O’Hara, Author and VP of Strategic Accounts, Krux
  • Paul Rouke, Founder and Director of Optimization, PRWD
  • Mags Sikora, Co-founder, PeriodBox
  • Benjamin Spiegel, CEO, MMI Agency
  • Greg Stuart, CEO, Mobile Marketing Association
  • Tim Watson, Founder, Zettasphere
  • John Watton, EMEA Marketing Director, Adobe Marketing Cloud
  • Tessa Wegert, Media Strategist and Content Developer

About the authors

This report has been put together by the editorial and intelligence team at ClickZ.