Internet Helping Plan Weddings

Nearly half of the engaged-to-be-married couples with Web access are using the Internet to help plan their wedding, according to a study by The NPD Group, Inc.

The study found that 48 percent of engaged couples gathered information using the Internet and used it to help plan their wedding. Of the 48 percent of the soon-to-be-married couples using the Internet for wedding planning purposes, 34 percent are engaged females, while the remaining 14 percent are engaged males. However, the gender split for the 52 percent who are not using the Internet for wedding research is more evenly distributed with 28 percent of the engaged females and 24 percent of the engaged males indicating that they have not yet logged on to get wedding information.

“The report confirms the Internet’s increasing role in helping engaged couples plan their wedding,” said NPD New Media Vice President Carol Neithercut. “With today’s busy lifestyles, the Web has become a convenient way to get the information they need to make their weddings a success.” was the top site most often selected by respondents (37 percent) to help plan their wedding. Other top selections were (35 percent), (34 percent), and (23 percent).

While most sites are fairly homogenous in their visitor demographics, the age profile on a few of the sites stands out from the rest, according to the site. and attract the younger population. Forty-two percent of survey participants who visited were under age 25; 45 percent of visitors were under 25. This compares to a 33 percent average for visitors under 25 on all wedding sites combined. Another site,, holds the distinction of attracting older soon-to-be-married couples to its site. Almost 30 percent of its visitors were older than 35, while the other sites mentioned only averaged 17 percent of their visitors in that age category.

Top Wedding Planning Sites
Site % of Respondents
Visiting 37% 35% 34% 23%
Source: The NPD Group

Men and women under the age of 35 are far more likely to turn to the Web for help with their wedding planning. Of those engaged to be married, 63 percent are under the age of 34, which represents 75 percent of those who are planning their wedding online. In the over 45 age group, 17 percent are currently engaged; yet only 8 percent have done any online research for their wedding. This indicates the older population is using more traditional mediums for wedding research, or perhaps is doing less research for their wedding in general.

When asked whether engaged couples planned to register for their wedding gifts online, respondents were equally divided. Half indicated they either planned to or already have, while the remaining 50 percent indicated they do not plan on registering online. Of the 50 percent who would, 41 percent are planning to register, while 9 percent have actually registered.

NPD’s study is based on data from 66,641 surveys completed and submitted in April 2000 by members of NPD’s Online Panel, individuals prerecruited to participate in surveys.

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