EmailEmail Marketing OptimizationIntroducing… The Magnificent U.K. Seven

Introducing... The Magnificent U.K. Seven

Where is email marketing at in the U.K.? Laurel decided to find out... with the help of some big guns, seven in all. Each is experienced and knowledgeable; together they're magnificent. Meet them now.

Two weeks ago, I said that in my next article I would put together a plan that directs all the advice I gathered for developing an effective U.K. email marketing campaign. Martin Brighty of Hunters immediately sent me a message that stated, “Good luck on that email marketing campaign. To my knowledge, they don’t really exist as yet in the U.K.”

I set out on a mission to find out if this is true.

Within 20 hours, I rounded up The Magnificent U.K. Seven to help get our campaign off the ground.

Who are they?

They are a band of knowledgeable Brits offering valuable information and perspective — so much that I decided to introduce them now and cast each one in subsequent articles. All team members — or characters, if you will — are big guns for hire. Feel free to check out their backgrounds and pick up advice along the way to prepare for future adventures.

My intent is to inform and inspire you while providing you with the ammunition to fire off an email marketing campaign in the U.K. (Before the show begins, let’s set the mood with a little music.)

Meet the Big Guns

The Account Manager

John Cornett is account manager of Xpedite, a business unit of Ptek Holdings. Xpedite is considered the global leader in enhanced electronic messaging and offers a full range of electronic document distribution and data messaging services using the world’s largest enhanced information delivery system. The company serves virtually every business-to-business (B2B) sector, from financial services (including top-20 investment banks around the world) and professional associations to travel and high tech. With 30 sales offices in the U.S. and 18 worldwide, Xpedite serves 42 countries with full 24-hour technical backup.

The Editor

Duncan Parry is directory editor for Lycos U.K. He recommends edesigns, which specializes in ensuring your Web site, email, and other online sales initiatives become profit centers through effective email marketing, innovative creative, quality design, and electronic stationery.

The Sales and Marketing Manager

Antony Dyson is the sales and marketing manager for Metis Training & Development Ltd. His firm designs, creates, and publishes e-learning content for individual clients, including SkillSoft, and provides a range of traditional interventions, from consultancy and training solutions to business-skills development.

The E-Business Doctor

Jeffrey Baumgartner, a.k.a. Dr. Ecommerce, is the Internet-savvy electronic-commerce expert behind “Don’t Panic Do E-Commerce,” a beginner’s guide to European law affecting e-commerce. He has the cure for all the rules and regulations that impact your email marketing activities in the U.K.

The Founder

Rob Walk is the leader and founder of DP&A Digital, the U.K.’s best independent direct marketing agency for 2000, according to Campaign Magazine.

The PR Manager

Tim Gibbons is public relations manager for Midas Internet Limited. Midas is one of the first Internet marketing agencies in the U.K. and offers a range of marketing services, including grass-roots promotion, creative solutions, net publicity, online advertising, and tracking.

The Writer

Simon Bailey is a freelance commercial writer who draws on broad sales and marketing experience. He has much to offer any organization casting its eyes toward Britain and the rest of Europe.

Managing an Email Service

Now that we have our cast of characters, let’s home in on Xpedite’s MessageREACHSM, a managed email service. When I circled the corral looking for quick answers about a company that could successfully launch an email marketing campaign in the U.K., Xpedite caught my eye. I asked Cornett, “Why use an external provider for email when you can do it from your desktop?”

He pointed out seven significant benefits of taking this approach:

  1. Personalization. Email will be tailored to the needs of an individual or company.

  2. Capacity. Using an external provider eliminates capacity issues.

  3. Tracking/reporting. You get more than just hits; you get full reporting on everything, from who downloaded a file from your server to who has clicked to which pages on your Web site.

  4. Response handling. This allows for removing uninterested parties from your list. You also will receive a report detailing incorrect email addresses to avoid bounce-backs to your own internal email system.

  5. Simplicity. Because it’s a Web-based system, it requires no additional hardware or software.

  6. Security. It stops research recipients from forwarding sensitive information to unlicensed parties.

  7. Sniffer technology. It sends your email message as “multipart/alternative” with the plain text and HTML text in separate sections of the same message. You do not need to know if the recipient can read HTML or not.

Because this all sounded too good to be true, I asked Cornett how a small business could afford all these terrific features. He responded, “There is no hardware to pay for or install, no software to pay for or install, no annual fee, no charge for reporting, no charge for training, no charge for collating and then managing your lists.”

Sounds great. But how does Xpedite make its money?

“We only charge for successfully delivered emails,” he said. And as for pricing, Cornett stated emphatically, “I am sure you will be impressed.”

Tune in next time, as we charge ahead into new email marketing territories with another one of The Magnificent U.K. Seven.

In the meantime, study up and hold on tight. You’re in for a wild ride.

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