Invision Aims for Cross-Platform Simplicity

TV and radio ad management software company Invisionis preparing to launch a new version of its DealMaker ad sales management product, one that will add online ad management capabilities.

Invision contends the upgraded DealMaker will be the industry’s “first end-to-end, cross-platform sales management tool.”

Invision has hired former Fox Interactive Media (FIM) executive Michael Stoeckel to run the online and cross-platform operations. Stoeckel, who has a dozen years of cross-platform ad operations experience, served as VP of FIM’s advertising innovations and operations department.

His work for FIM included research and development, sales management systems and strategic planning for ads sold in conjunction with MySpace, IGN,, and other FIM properties.

“A couple of things are keeping the interactive ad market from where it should be revenue-wise,” said Stoeckel. High on that list is the complexity of cross-platform management, he said. “It is way too hard for people to buy interactive only, much less cross- platform. That’s where we can insert ourselves.”

Stoeckel acknowledged the industry is beginning to see the walls between platforms disintegrate, but he asserted “the behind-the-scene selling process and execution process is still incredibly cumbersome.”

Faced with this complexity, few sales teams will “go through the hardship” of cross-platform deals even if goaded with bonuses or other perks, said Stoeckel.

The adapted DealMaker will combine elements of TV with video-on-demand, Web site banners, broadband video and other interactive inventory, noted Stoeckel. It will also enable single media plans and single invoices for individual cross-media deals.

Invision claims its ad sales solutions currently manage more than $10 billion of inventory for TV and radio. DealMaker’s capabilities include deal management, inventory control, pricing optimization, compliance, operational CRM analytics, business intelligence reporting and real-time delivery monitoring.

Prior to working for FIM, Stoeckel spent a decade at Time Warner. He also held several VP level positions overseeing Turner Broadcasting System’s interactive and emerging ad initiatives.

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