iPad Video Brouhaha: Apple Caught Wearing a Toupee?

Sites are buzzing today about what appears to be a misleading product video Apple has produced to sell its iPad. An eight-minute clip on YouTube depicts NYTimes.com on the device at about the 2:04 mark. The clip shows The Times’ Video section fully rendered, including a Flash element that sits above an article in the newspaper’s Travel section.

Here’s a screen-grab from the video that shows (apologies for the blurriness) the Video section center-left:
ipadcontro.take two.jpg

But of course, as Steve Jobs himself showed at the product unveiling on Wednesday, Flash doesn’t work on the iPad:

Steve Jobs.JPG

It’s not the end of the world – a marketer fudging the truth in a sales pitch. But shame on Apple for trying to sneak this by the gadget-conscious universe. That’s almost like Patrick Stewart showing up at a Trekkie convention wearing a toupee and expecting nary a double-take.

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