IPhone Am Legend

IamLegendMovie.jpgIs the Apple iPhone enough of a technology platform to warrant its own specialty ad campaign? Crew Creative Advertising is betting that it is, and they’ve launched a site specifically for iPhones promoting the upcoming Warner Bros. Pictures and Village Roadshow’s film version of I Am Legend.

The special site links to an iPhone compatible trailer on apple.com, and provides a synopsis of the film, a photo gallery, an RSS news feed and wallpapers all specially made to be viewed on iPhones. And I must admit, as a horror novel purist, I’m not completely taken with the idea of another movie version of Richard Matheson’s 1954 vampire story being made again, but the snazziest feature from the site is clearly the sunrise/sunset widget. Just like the story’s hero Robert Neville knows he has to be home before sunset, Web site visitors can install the widget that will track the oncoming night directly from their iPhone.

Take that, vampires.

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