iPhone Applications, Google, and PPC

iPhone applications.jpg Over the weekend, a Google search for “iPhone applications” turned up an assortment of sponsored links.

Google Mobile appeared as the top sponsored link in the right-hand column. (See right.) Visitors who clicked on that link were directed to applications, including maps and search, designed for the iPhone or BlackBerry.

And, AT&T was touting its “Media Mall,” a site to download games , ringtones, and other applications for cell phones. AT&T is the exclusive provider of the Apple iPhone.

And Apple appeared in the sponsored links that appear across the top of the search engine results page, along with Zinio, which was promoting magazines for the iPhone.

For the words, “AT&T and iPhone,” Google Mobile also turned up as the top sponsored link, followed by AT&T Internet, which was promoting DSL service for $19.95 a month.

The estimated average CPC for the keywords “phone application” was $2.24, while “cell phone application” was $2.74, according to Google AdWords. It did not show an estimate for “iPhone application.”

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