Irish Users Plan to Buy Online

The Irish Internet Association’s online survey of 2,417 Irish Internet users shows that 54 percent of Irish users plan on making an online purchase in the next six months.

The study found that 36 percent of Irish users made an online purchase in the last year, and 87 percent of these plan to purchase again. Of the users who have yet to make an online purchase, 36 percent say they will do so in the next six months.

The study found a significant drop in the number of users who were prepared to pay for information on a monthly or pay-per-view basis. Eighty-seven percent of the users surveyed expect online information to be free, up from 50 percent six months ago.

Another change the survey reports is the increase in Microsoft Internet Explorer users, up to 70 percent from 57 in April.

The household income of the average Irish Internet user has increased by more than six percent to $50,945, but men still account for two-thirds of Irish users, and the majority have third-level qualifications, are in their 30s, live in urban areas, and do not have children.

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