Is Hostess Playing Dumb for Press in #OpeningDay Baseball Tweet?

As Major League Baseball (MLB) struggles to find its voice across social media, cupcake brand Hostess seemed to forget the rules of the sport entirely. 

Today marked the Opening Day for MLB, and the hashtag #OpeningDay drew brands and fans alike to tweet all things baseball. However, Hostess opted for a sillier approach, tweeting out a picture of Hostess cupcakes decorated with red baseball seams but with the tagline “Touchdown.” Fans and the media immediately took to social to point out the brand’s mistake, but the fact that Hostess has yet to delete the tweet indicates that the brand was probably relying on outrage for publicity.


Another brand, P&G, publicized its mom-friendly breastfeeding and changing stations at ballparks, which could be a smart move since MLB has had a much publicized hard time connecting with female fans in the past.

And while few brands chose to join in the #OpeningDay, MasterCard knows its Chicago fan base, and had a win with its Cubs Tweet. 

What do you think? Was the Hostess tweet an epic fail or social media gold?

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